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Crystal Group explains the vibration testing on aircrafts


Have you ever wondered what is a vibration test for the airplanes? Jim, from Crystal Group, explains in detail how they perform in their company.

Before starting to develop the test itself it is necessary to be clear about the objective pursued. This test looks for wires that might chafe or circuits that could crack weld joints or have data. In essence, They look for either loose parts in the box or breaks, to be

In the test, which is called MIL-STD-810, several methods of vibration are included, specifically 4, but throughout the information will talk about the first two, which refer to the operating vibration.

In the case of Crystal Group, they have combined several different categories, among the 25 different categories with their corresponding tests, so they achieve a higher standard of quality, besides obtaining a great amount of information about it.

This information is used to manufacture more rugged products and to ensure safety in all its variants, since this point must be paramount when it comes to airplanes.

If you want to know more about this technique do not miss the explanatory video of Jim, from Crystal Group.

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