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FMI MIL/RAD HARD Components & RF Solutions



In its pursuit to offer the best service to its costumers, FMI has regrouped its products following four business lines in order to achieve an enhanced specialisation in what they offer.  

The Frequency Components manufactured by FMI (Frequency Management International) are the following: hight performance oscillators, Crystals, VCXOs, TCXOs, VCTCXOs. All of them are distributed in the next markets: Hi-Real Space, Commercial Space, Military-Aerospace-Avionic, and Hight Temperature and Other Harsh Environments  Application markets. 

The divisions of the products is this: 

Oscillators for Hi-Real Space: 100 to 300 KRAD

  • 250 KHz up to 135 MHz

  • Various packaging options 

  • 5x7mm, ceramics, SMD with ‘seagull wings’

Oscillators and Crystals: SmallSat/CubeSat products

  • Radiation tolerant

  • 250KHz up to 135 MHz

  • Various packaging options

  • Various life-mission options

High Temperatures/Harsh Environment Oscillators and Crystals 

  • Small size of  3’2x2’5mm

  • Operates from -100ºC up to 300ºC

  • From 20 KHz up to 110 MHz

  • RTC - Real time clock

  • Various packaging options

  • Very low current-maximum sability

Military/Aerospace/Avionics Oscillators and Crystals

  • ‘Seagull wing’ 5x7

  • 250 KHz up to 135 MHz

  • Various packaging and voltage options 

  • Various Temperature and Sability options 

  • Emission up to mil-prf-55310

  • Level Product B&S

You can learn more about this new product presentation visiting its website.


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