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MANNARINO launches M-RTOS: a novel operating system in real time for defense and aerospace applications


Mannarino has announced that is launching their proprietary operating system in real time, M-RTOS. The revolutionary capabilities of this software are designed in order to achieve aerospace certification. 

M-RTOS is a modular, flexible, affordable operating system for a wide range of defense applications, from COTS electronic hardware to LRU system in federated aircrafts, including IMA platforms. M-RTOS has been designed to minimize the use of both memory and timing. It ensures rugged partitioning of both time and space, and is suitable for microprocessors, which adds protections to the memory. 

M-RTOS was designed to outdo all of its competitors due to its key parameters. Its design from the ground up eliminates the need of maintaining inherited interfaces, codes or configuration files, as well as compatibility and safety problems. M-RTOS complies with the ARINC-653 standard, the operating system industry standard. It is a certificable RTCA/DO-178C for any DAL. 

Nicolas Ulysse, Chief Software Engineer, says : ‘‘M-RTOS was designed by aerospace engineers for aerospace application developers. MANNARINO Workbench, embedded with a M-RTOS, creates an innovative development environment which simplifies team working, collaboration and highest efficiency’’. John Mannarino, the president of the company, says: ‘‘The improvement in time and memory —more than 50%— related to market leaders allows the users to build bigger and more powerful applications. In addition, M-RTOS provides significant savings in cost of ownership’’. 


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