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Monday, 10 May 2021 14:13

LandMark™005 IMU: the MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit of Gladiator Technologies

Gladiator landmark005imu

The LandMark™005 IMU is Gladiator Technologies high speed MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit equipped with low noise sensors, VELOX™ high speed processing and user configurable firmware. With only 0,6 cubic inches, the LandMark™005 is factory calibrated over the full temperature range, conditioned over environments.

What are the main features of this MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit? 

  • Low Noise. High Speed:  LandMark™ 005 IMU combines low noise with high range, inertial sensors and VELOX™ technology in a robust package built for performance in high dynamic applications.

  • VELOX™ High Speed Processing: Gladiator Technologies’ cutting edge data processing suite enable filtered digital output without sacrificing inertial performance.

  • Factory Calibrated: Gladiator Inertial products come factory calibrated, modeled and conditioned over temperature from -50° to 85°C, and are resistant to shock and vibration.

For more information about electrical, mechanical, environmental, interface or performance specifications, please visit Gladiator Technologies web page

Thursday, 11 February 2021 09:24

GLADIATOR Technologies, our new Donalba represented

gladiator enero 21

Donalba wants to welcome our new represented company, Gladiator Technologies. We are going to explain to you what it is dedicated to. 

This company pushes performance boundaries by combining low noise sensors and high speed data processing. Its products meet the highest inertial sensor demands in a SWaP-C package. Its robust, temperature modeled inertial systems and sensors provide an enhacement in inertial technology applied in MEMS IMUs, INS/GNSS, Gyroscopes, Accelerometers and AHRS.

  • Low noise MEMs sensors

Gladiator designs every one of its inertial systems with low noise MEM sensors. Sensors with low ARW and VRW are critical for a precise measurement, and all of the Gladiator  products deliver exceptional noise performance in a SWaP-C package.

  • VELOX™: high speed processing

Speed matters. With VELOX™ high speed digital processing, Gladiator provides its projects are built to provide output data at lightning fast rates with low phase lag.  Products can be enabled with up to 10 kHz data rates and 600 Hz bandwidth without compromising inertial performance.

Technical advancement for every day needs

  • Accelerometers:  low noise MEMS accelerometer comes factory calibrated in a compact cylinder package. Its design is robust and has been tested over temperature, shock and vibrations. This accelerometer is ideal for building an inertial platform using a variety of sensor technologies.   

  • Gyroscopes: low noise MEMS gyroscopes are available in both digital and analog options. Digital outputs feature VELOX™  high speed processing.

  • IMUs: Inertial Measurement Units featuring VELOX™ combine high speed features without risking performance. Gladiator offers multiple product options based on requirements for size, performance and dynamic environments.

  • INS/GPS: Inertial Navigation Systems is completed with GNSS/GPS for accurate heading and angle measurements, and it is notorious for including a very adaptable Extended Kalman Filter which processes inertial suite at high speed for accurate position during GPS outages.

  • AHRS: Attitude, Heading and Reference Inertial System are designed for directional drilling applications in a compact cylinder package

Inertial Systems Designed For All Applications

Gladiator products are specifically designed for high-end commercial and defense applications with demanding environmental requirements such as temperature, shock and vibration. Some applications in which these products have been included are: 

  • Flight Control & Sensors

  • Platform Stabilization

  • Missiles & Torpedoes

  • Robotics

  • Track Telemetry

  • Image Stabilization

  • Motorsports Racing & Formula 1

For more information about Gladiator Technologies, please visit its webpage or contact us. 


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