Rss Donalba Electronic SLU
Rss Donalba Electronic SLU

Wolf VPX3U

Wolf, within its VPX3U product catalog, has presented the VPX3U-A4500E-FGX2-IO. We tell you more about him in this post.

The VPX3U-A4500E-FGX2-IO module features an integrated NVIDIA RTX™ A4500 GPU and a WOLF FGX2 in a rugged 3U VPX module. The NVIDIA Ampere architecture includes CUDA cores for parallel processing, Tensor cores for dedicated AI-accelerated computing, and Ray Tracing cores for superior rendering speeds. WOLF FGX2 provides video conversion for formats that are not native to the GPU, such as SDI, ARINC-818, and other digital formats.

The NVIDIA Ampere architecture has introduced many significant improvements in GPU performance and efficiency, with more flexible use of the FP32/INT CUDA core, more efficient third-generation Tensor cores, and second-generation RT cores.

WOLF's advanced cooling technology is designed to move heat using a low-weight, high-efficiency path from the GPU die to the wedge locks, allowing for the best cooling performance.

You can learn more about this topic in the product data sheet.

Optocouplers 6N140A

optoacoplador de isocom

Isocom's 6N140A device is a four channel hermetically sealed optically coupled isolator. Do you want to know more about him?

Each of these four channels is comprised of a gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode and a high gain photon detector. The high-gain output stage features an open collector output that provides both lower output clipping and higher operating speed than is possible with conventional photodarlington-type couplers.

The 6N140A series is used in harsh radiation environments found in space applications. Package styles for this device include a 16-pin DIP package, with surface mount and plunge solder mount options available. These packages have a shielding effect to cut off ambient light as they are designed for high density mounting applications.

You can expand information about this product in the following link.

HPEC at the perimeter: ISR/EW applications

LCR enero23

For HPEC requirements at the tactical edge, LCR's dual-slot integrated system is characterized by its ability to be employed in demanding applications such as RADAR, SIGINT, EW, and EA. This system features 3U SOSA-aligned payload modules that include a high-performance Intel Xeon processor, a Xilinx UltraScale+ FPGA module, or an RF tuner/transmitter module.

In terms of its design, it is worth mentioning that it is ruggedized and also offers a wide complement of I/O that includes 11 receiver and transmitter channels, including clock and synchronization with DisplayPort, USB, LVDS, and a 1 Gigabit Ethernet fiber data interconnect, making it an ideal modular open sensor system (CMOSS) C4ISR for harsh environments.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the system leverages LCR's SWaP-optimized AoC3U-210 chassis from the 200 series for VITA 48.2 conduction-cooled payload modules that support 2 payload slots and 1 VITA 62 PSU (28 V, 270 V with integrated hold-up options) with SATA routed to the I/O connector.

You can find more information about this product at the following link.

Isocom CSM452 Optocoupler

optoacoplador isocom

CSM452 is the name given to one of the latest optocouplers that Iscocom has launched on the market.

This device is a single channel hermetically sealed optically coupled isolator. Its composition is an infrared emitting diode and a silicon phototransistor.

This optocoupler has been specially designed for use in space systems and therefore includes a 4-pin LCC package with a solder dip option available.

Some of its most notable features are:

You can discover more about this device by accessing the product data sheet.

LandMark™ 007X IMU

Gladiator Landmark octubre

The LandMark™007X IMU is Gladiator Technologies high-speed, six-axis MEMS inertial measurement unit (IMU) built for highly dynamic environments.

This IMU is equipped with low-noise sensors and high-speed VELOX™ processing, as well as user-configurable firmware. At just 0.7 cubic inches, the LandMark™007X comes factory calibrated across the full temperature range, conditioned over ambient

Among its most outstanding characteristics are the following:

For more information, please visit the Gladiator Technologies website.

What Differentiates SOSA from VITA VPX


The Open Sensor Systems Architecture (SOSA) Consortium emerged as a set of standards that served to define open standard electronic architectures that ensured component interoperability, reduced costs, encouraged innovation, and helped ensure product supply. necessary.

But what hardware requirements distinguish SOSA from VITA VPX?

For more information, do not hesitate to consult the Wolf Advanced Technologies website.

Cambridge Pixel Launches Unique Software to Visualise Radar Data from 3D Sensors

Cambridge Pixel radar

Cambridge Pixel, which is represented in Spain and Portugal by Donalba,  has launched a new software application to enable the visualisation of radar tracks in 3D format obtained from 3D sensors. 

Who do the Cambridge Pixel sensors work? 

These types of sensors are used in tasks such as near-field object detection and collision avoidance, surface or object inspection, and drone detection with widespread applications in modern air defence systems, as well as a range of naval, military and security projects.

The ability to visualise data from 3D sensors helps operators determine a greater granularity of information about a target, with range, direction and elevation parameters to assist with accurate decision-making and situation evaluation.

SPx Viewer-3D receives ASTERIX or SPx track reports as input and displays them in a multi-window format with customisable plan view, range-height view and 3D view with operator-controllable viewport and zoom. To assist in the interpretation of the track picture, the software also receives and displays AIS and ADS-B tracks. 

In adition, the SPx Viewer-3D has an intuitive web-based user-interface and works with a wide range of radar sensors. 

Radio Beacon Battery by BrenTronics

bateria brentonics

The Radio Beacon Battery by BrenTronics is a non-rechargeable, zinc-manganese dioxide battery, in other words, alkaline. It is 1’3 inch wide, 4’1 inches long and 1’3 inches tall. 

This device is typically used in AN/URT-33A Rescue Radio Beacon. Its most remarkable features are: 

If you want to know more about this radio beacon battery, visit BrenTronics web page.

A40 Accelerometer by Gladiator Technologies

gladiator acelerometro a40

The A40 Accelerometer is a small, ultra-low noise, single-axis MEMS accel. This robust accel is designed to handle 500g shock and 5.74g RMS vibration in an EMI resistant housing. Its price and performance are ideal for low frequency motion and tilt measurement.  

Its main features are the following: 

If you want to know more about this device, visit Gladiator Technologies web page.

Meet the new Switch and Router Systems by Curtiss-Wright

swiches CW junio 22

When it comes to improving situational awareness in modern defense platforms, seamless, trusted communication between mission-critical systems are vital. 

Curtiss-Wright field-proven, rugged switches and routers enable mobile networks on-board vehicle and aircraft platforms to securely and affordably deploy digital network architectures for situational awareness and network-centric operations. 

Designed to enable a holistic ecosystem where all technological components work together to enhance the warfighter experience, these rugged subsystems and card solutions give systems integrators capabilities for interconnecting cards, sensors, and processors simply through switched Ethernet links.

In addition, these rugged SWaP IP network solutions reach all of the requirements for 7 WAN LAN switching advanced routing  in vehicles and aircrafts. 

For more information about this line of products, visit Curtiss-Wright webpage in the following link.

Crystal Group's RS1004L21X2 1U: compact and rugged server

crystal group servidor rugerizado mayo22

Compact and rugged, the RS1004L21X2 packs twice the computing performance in a 1U rugged server. This compact, powerful solution is critical for successful execution of combat, sonar, ISR, and electronic warfare applications in extreme and unpredictable environments across all domains, including cyber. 

The integrated design consolidates system availability, superior cooling, and shock/vibe resistance into a smaller footprint that fits easily into standard rack slots.

Its more remarkable features are the following: 

If you want to know more about this device, please visit Crystal Group webpage in this link.

IMU, the Inertial Measurement Units by Gladiator Technologies

Gladiator abril

IMU are the initials for the Inertial Measurement Units by Gladiator Technologies, but do you know what they are and what they are used for? 

These units are designed for precision motion measurement in  SWaP constrained applications. To do it, they feature low noise MEMS sensors and VELOX™ high speed processing 

Every IMUs by Gladiator Technologies pass extensive factory testing and calibration over environmental conditions. These tests are designed to check how the IMUS react to different environmental conditions, so they include temperature, shock and vibration tests. The final results are possitive, that is why IMUs by Gladiator Technologies are a preferred solution by engineers for applications all over the world.

There is a extense variety of IMU products that fit every customer need: 

You can learm more about IMU and about the especifications of each one of them in the following link

SCS750G4: a space-proven Single Board Computer by DDC

DDC marzo 22

The SCS750G4 is a space-proven Single Board Computer by DDC. 

This board has already been tested in space, and it can be used in this environment where temperature changes and exposure to radiation are frequent. 

Its most remarkable features are its highest performance of Single Event, its outstanding error correction in comparison to previous versions, a wide range of processing power, and the smallest margin design. Now it is available with 4 SpaceWire ports up to 200 Mbps each and 64 GBytes NAND flash corrected by BCH. 

You can read more information in the data sheet of this product.

4TB and 8TB SATA 3 SSD Drives by Foremay

Foremay ssd

Foremay has announced its new SATA SSDs with capacities of 4TB and 8TB, which are the largest capacities in the market in a 2.5” SATA form factor, with standard third generation SATA interfaces, a.k.a., SATA 3, SATA III, SATA 3.0 or SATA 6 Gb/s.

The 4TB SSDand 8TB SSD bring high read/write speeds up to 500 MB/s, and high random read/write IOPS up to 100,000. The drives incorporate AES-256 bit hardware encryption as well as self-encryption algorithms that comply with TCG Opal 2.0 specifications, offered as optional features. 

The 4TB and 8TB SATA 3 SSDs will be offered through Foremay’s signature SC199 family and EC188 family, with optional features such as hardware based encryption or military grade secure erase.

Read more information in this document prepared by Foremay about his units

ISM06NS0-60: power mosfet by Isocom

mosfet potencia isocom

The ISM06NS0-60 is an N-Channel logic enhancement mode power field effect transistor which are produced using super high cell density DMOS technology. 

The ISM06NS0-60 has been designed specifically to improve the overall efficiency of DC/DC converters using either synchronous or conventional switching PWM controllers. It has been optimized for low gate charge, low RDS(ON) and fast switching speed.

Its main features are its design for TID, DD adns SEU, and its range of operation from -55º to +125ºC. You can read more about this product visiting Isocom web page

BTE-70791A-T1B by Bren-Tronics

brentonics diciembre

The 6-PACK APU is a BB-2590/U based Portable Power System capable of acting as a UPS, Power Supply, or Standalone Battery Unit. The 6-PACK APU provides versatility needed by a warfighter to power their mission with one piece of equipment.

The most remarkable characteristics are the capability of the 6-PACK to hold one to six BB-2590/U batteries packed into a rugged, watertight container. It also contains an integrated Power Management System, while the  DC input protection prevents over-discharge damage to vehicle battery.It also provides a RS-485 Communication Interface.

You can access to deeper information visiting Bren-Tronics web page.

Meet the compact UPS by IntelliPower

Intellipower UPS noviembre21

The compact UPS developed by Intellipower are eight and a half inches wide, which is half the width of standard UPS systems, but with all of the same capabilities and high-performance functionality of standard 19 inch rack products.

As with all of the Intellipower systems, the newest, rugged system is designed for use in challenging environmental, shock and vibration and thermal conditions and includes circuitry to address poor power quality from generators or other power sources.

IntelliPower’s ‘half-rack’ UPS incorporates light weight, higher power density and improved performance lithium iron phosphate batteries providing 11 minutes of runtime at 1000 watts. The system has universal ac input of 85 through 265 Volts which enables use in worldwide applications.

You can view the data sheet of this product in this link or in the IntelliPower’s webpage.  

Meet MOSA: Modular Open System Approach

curtiss wright octubre21

On 2019, the U.S. Department of Defense issued a memo, signed by the Secretaries of the Army, Air Force, and Navy, mandating the use of the Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA). The memo stated that MOSA supporting standards should be included in all requirements, programming and development activities for future weapon system modifications and new start development programs to the maximum extent possible. In fact, this mandate for MOSA is even codified into a United States law that states all major defense acquisition programs (MDAP) are to be designed and developed using a MOSA open architecture.

MOSA itself is not a technical standard, but an acquisition and design strategy that prioritizes the use of open standards-based technology. The MOSA directive has accelerated the adoption of a variety of open standards, such as SOSA or CMOSS, that have been adopted by the three military branches.

Adopting a MOSA open architecture allows:

For more information, please visit Curtiss Wright web page

WOLF uses XMC-FGX-SDI-IO to connect digital and analog sensors

Wolf septiembre21

Wolf Advanced Technology (WOLF) has announced the availability of the XMC-FGX-SDI-IO (WOLF-3081) to capture, convert, and transmit digital and analog video. This module supports 3G SDI, HD SDI, CVBS, STANAG 3350 and other optional formats in addition to video sources from a PCIe DMA stream for real-time conversion to SDI or analog output.

This module can be used to modernize fleet platforms by bridging existing analog sensor signals with digital signals to extend the life of program vehicles. The XMC-FGX-SDI-IO (3081) is based on WOLF’s successful 3080 design. This COTS product, designed for defense and aerospace use, makes use of WOLF's FGX, WOLF’s FPGA implementation for video signal capture, conversion, and transmission.

The XMC-FGX-SDI-IO meets the standards required by aerospace and defense applications including MIL-STD-810 environmental tests, is being manufactured to IPC-A-610 CLASS 3 and IPC 6012 CLASS 3 for high-reliability electronic products. In addition, it is compliant with IPC J-STD-001 soldering standards.

This module is designed to operate within a temperature range of -40 to 85°C and it has a low operating power of just 12W to ensure it meets SWaP requirements. There are conformal coating options available (Parylene, HumiSeal® and others). You can check more in the following link.

Meet the MIL-STD-1553 Data Bus Couplers of DDC

DDC julio 21

Beta Transformer, a subsidiary of DDC, offers field proven data bus couplers for the most demanding environments,  extreme temperature, shock, vibration, dust, fluid and radiation:

In addition, DDC offers a full inventory of all the necessary hardware to implement your 1553 data bus system.

For more information and also to see the full list of couplers for each model, please visit DDC web page. 

How will the future of safety in the digital cockpit be?

coreavi junio21

In the automotive industry and the vehicle cockpit multifunction touchscreen displays have replaced the gauges and indicators of the past.  High performance SoCs are being used to not only convey basic information to drivers but to achieve augmented vision and improved situational awareness in a human-machine-interface, which allows the driver to visually interpret large amounts of disparate information. 

In avionis, GPUs and related software drivers used in these high reliability and safety critical automotive systems will adopt more safety qualified electronics over time. These new systems will be fit for purpose, because they will be designed to meet functional safety standards, enable deterministic computing and software will be written in conformance with the MISRA-C guideline for safety critical software in accordance with safety standards such as ISO 26262.

Operating Systems Software And ARINC 653

Mannarino mayo 2021

Use Case for Cessna CJI/2/3 — The Cessna Citation CJ3 is a proven business jet with a remarkable combination of power, speed and flexibility, and it is considered the CJ family flagship aircraft. The CJ3 aircraft is powered by fuel-efficient Williams FJ44-3A turbofan engines, and controlled by a Goodrich dual-channel FADEC.

The responsibilities of MANNARINO in the Development program include: 

The success of MANNARINO in this program is the fact that this generic operating system software has also installed on over 20 other airframe applications too without modification.

RadarView is Cambridge Pixel's PC-based radar visualisation software

cambridge pixel radarview

RadarView is Cambridge Pixel's PC-based radar visualisation software. It is a ready-to-run Windows application that receives, processes and scan converts multiple channels of radar video into PPI, A-Scan and B-Scan formats. It is designed for applications that require a cost-effective and easy-to-use display capability for primary and secondary radars; RadarView runs on any standard Windows PC.

RadarView can interface to network video formats or, when used with the HPx family of radar input cards, it can interface to radar video from a wide range of radar types. Presenting a familiar Windows graphical user interface, the software supports the display of map data, overlay symbology and multiple windows of scan-converted video. Up to four PPI windows are available, in addition to the main application PPI window.  Each PPI window provides an independent view of the radar video(s), offering massive flexibility in the presentation of the data and allowing the display to be spread over multiple screens.

RadarView also provides a built-in radar record and replay capability. Connect to the radar source and simultaneously visualise and record the radar video. This capability is invaluable when configuring a new installation or testing a radar. Capture video onto the local hard disk of the computer and analyse the data off-line is also possible using the RadarView display capabilities. Recorded video may be moved between computers using any convenient media.  

RadarView also accepts up to two camera video inputs, via DirectShow device or network RTSP source. Additionally, if the camera uses Pelco-D pan-tilt-zoom commands, RadarView can be used to steer the camera. 

For more information about RadarView and its functionalities, visit Cambridge Pixel's web page.

LandMark™005 IMU: the MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit of Gladiator Technologies

Gladiator landmark005imu

The LandMark™005 IMU is Gladiator Technologies high speed MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit equipped with low noise sensors, VELOX™ high speed processing and user configurable firmware. With only 0,6 cubic inches, the LandMark™005 is factory calibrated over the full temperature range, conditioned over environments.

What are the main features of this MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit? 

For more information about electrical, mechanical, environmental, interface or performance specifications, please visit Gladiator Technologies web page

Engineered Flow Switches for Aerospace

PSI abril 2021

The engineered Flow Switches for aerospace from UE Precision Sensors are design to be pressure and altitude inmune while offering 5.03-6 reliability. They also provide set point stability over wide range of viscosity (due to temperature variations) and they are hermetically and environmentally sealed. 

These switches have been built according to the following technical specifications: 

UE Precision Sensors currently offers the following switches:

MANNARINO real-time operating system ready to be certified

Mannarino MRTOS

MANNARINO Systems & Software Inc.has announced that its real-time operating system, M-RTOS, which was recently launched, will achieve FAA approval on a Part 23 program within 18-24 months.

The most important factors influencing the M-RTOS selection for this program were affordability and compliance to ARINC 653 and RTCA/DO-178C. In addition, MANNARINO offers a unique one-stop shop for systems and software solutions including not only the M-RTOS but a full complement of engineering services that include systems engineering (ARP 4754A) and safety support (ARP 4761). MANNARINO also provides delegate services for software and airborne electronic hardware certification.

M-RTOS is a modular, flexible, affordable operating system for a wide range of aerospace applications, from COTS electronic hardware to federated LRU to IMA platforms. M-RTOS was designed to minimize memory and timing usage and outperform the competition on key benchmarks. M-RTOS guarantees robust spatial and temporal partitioning and is able to run on microprocessors incorporating memory protection. 

The M-RTOS integrated development environment, MANNARINO Workbench, is an Eclipse-based tool suite that employs a modern web-based help system and a role-based approach structured to easily accommodate concurrent collaborative development with large distributed teams.

GLADIATOR Technologies, our new Donalba represented

gladiator enero 21

Donalba wants to welcome our new represented company, Gladiator Technologies. We are going to explain to you what it is dedicated to. 

This company pushes performance boundaries by combining low noise sensors and high speed data processing. Its products meet the highest inertial sensor demands in a SWaP-C package. Its robust, temperature modeled inertial systems and sensors provide an enhacement in inertial technology applied in MEMS IMUs, INS/GNSS, Gyroscopes, Accelerometers and AHRS.

Gladiator designs every one of its inertial systems with low noise MEM sensors. Sensors with low ARW and VRW are critical for a precise measurement, and all of the Gladiator  products deliver exceptional noise performance in a SWaP-C package.

Speed matters. With VELOX™ high speed digital processing, Gladiator provides its projects are built to provide output data at lightning fast rates with low phase lag.  Products can be enabled with up to 10 kHz data rates and 600 Hz bandwidth without compromising inertial performance.

Technical advancement for every day needs

Inertial Systems Designed For All Applications

Gladiator products are specifically designed for high-end commercial and defense applications with demanding environmental requirements such as temperature, shock and vibration. Some applications in which these products have been included are: 

For more information about Gladiator Technologies, please visit its webpage or contact us. 

What is an ISOCOM space detector? Meet ISD10A

isocom diciembre 2020


The ISD10A by ISOCOM is composed of a silicon photodetector in a hermetically sealed small outline surface mount package, able to operate in temperatures between -55 to 125°C.

The ISD10A detector is now being used in environments encountered by space and high reliability applications. Its package styles include a small outline surface mount package; solder dip option are available.

ISD10A Features

What are the differences between SD10A and other space detectors? 

In the technical sheet of the product you can find more information of interest.

DecodeCore®: Video Decode Drivers for RTOS and Safety Critical Systems

coreavi ok noviembre20

DecodeCore is a real time, safety critical H.264/H.265/MPEG2/VC-1 video decode driver that enables the hardware video decoder built-in modern graphics and SoC processors. This CoreAVI video decode driver is now deployed in airborne and ground control display systems all over the world, including UAV command and control, 360 degree situational awareness, Diminished Vision Enhancement (DVE), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) moving maps and diverse sensor warming systems.

DecodeCore enables applications to decode and display compressed videos with lower CPU usage than with a software-only decoder.

The driver architecture and API ensures high efficiency and low latency between the video decode hardware and the graphics hardware. The decompressed videos are also available as a texture, wich allows complex hardware accelerated image manipulationd and integration with both graphics 2D and 3D.

Features  & Benefits

This suite of products has been developed to offer real time and safety critual capabilities. It offers maximum performance to take the most advantage of the most advanced funcionalities of integrated video decore accelerators on well-known GPUs and SoCS, including AMD’s Unified Video Decoder (UVD).

You can learn more on the following link.

FMI MIL/RAD HARD Components & RF Solutions


In its pursuit to offer the best service to its costumers, FMI has regrouped its products following four business lines in order to achieve an enhanced specialisation in what they offer.  

The Frequency Components manufactured by FMI (Frequency Management International) are the following: hight performance oscillators, Crystals, VCXOs, TCXOs, VCTCXOs. All of them are distributed in the next markets: Hi-Real Space, Commercial Space, Military-Aerospace-Avionic, and Hight Temperature and Other Harsh Environments  Application markets. 

The divisions of the products is this: 

Oscillators for Hi-Real Space: 100 to 300 KRAD

Oscillators and Crystals: SmallSat/CubeSat products

High Temperatures/Harsh Environment Oscillators and Crystals 

Military/Aerospace/Avionics Oscillators and Crystals

You can learn more about this new product presentation visiting its website.