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FMI MIL/RAD HARD Components & RF Solutions


In its pursuit to offer the best service to its costumers, FMI has regrouped its products following four business lines in order to achieve an enhanced specialisation in what they offer.  

The Frequency Components manufactured by FMI (Frequency Management International) are the following: hight performance oscillators, Crystals, VCXOs, TCXOs, VCTCXOs. All of them are distributed in the next markets: Hi-Real Space, Commercial Space, Military-Aerospace-Avionic, and Hight Temperature and Other Harsh Environments  Application markets. 

The divisions of the products is this: 

Oscillators for Hi-Real Space: 100 to 300 KRAD

Oscillators and Crystals: SmallSat/CubeSat products

High Temperatures/Harsh Environment Oscillators and Crystals 

Military/Aerospace/Avionics Oscillators and Crystals

You can learn more about this new product presentation visiting its website.

Meet the CSM165 & CSM166 Optocouplers / Optoisolators by ISOCOM

Isocom septiembre

Do you know about the CSM165 and CSM166 optocouplers/optoisolators by ISOCOM? Both of these devices are hermetically sealed, radiation hard optically coupled isolators. They are composed of a Gallium Arsenide infrared emitting diode plus a silicon phototransistor.

These electronic components are available in both Dual Channel (CSM165-2 and CSM166-2) and Quad Channel (CSM165-4 and CSM166-4). The CSM165-4 radiation tolerant

optocoupler is the Quad Channel version of the IS49.

These devices are radiation tolerant tested to 150Krad(Si) and displacement damage tested to MeV x 1012. The CSM165 and CSM166 are able to work between -55ºC and 125ºC, which makes them suitable for the harsh environments that space applications face, as well as for military and high reliability applications.

These components have been manufactured following the European standard and adjust to MIL-STD. Thet are also manufactured to JANS togheter with MIL-PRF-19500 procedures. They have a high Isolation Voltage of 1,500VDC and low input requirements as well as a high current transfer ratio.

The CSM165 and CSM166 optoisolators are also suitable for many other applications, for exemple medical instruments, MOS/CMOS, logic interfacing, data transmission, power supplies and modems. On the other hand, package styles include a 16-Pin Flatpack package  (solder dip options available).

MANNARINO launches M-RTOS: a novel operating system in real time for defense and aerospace applications

Mannarino has announced that is launching their proprietary operating system in real time, M-RTOS. The revolutionary capabilities of this software are designed in order to achieve aerospace certification. 

M-RTOS is a modular, flexible, affordable operating system for a wide range of defense applications, from COTS electronic hardware to LRU system in federated aircrafts, including IMA platforms. M-RTOS has been designed to minimize the use of both memory and timing. It ensures rugged partitioning of both time and space, and is suitable for microprocessors, which adds protections to the memory. 

M-RTOS was designed to outdo all of its competitors due to its key parameters. Its design from the ground up eliminates the need of maintaining inherited interfaces, codes or configuration files, as well as compatibility and safety problems. M-RTOS complies with the ARINC-653 standard, the operating system industry standard. It is a certificable RTCA/DO-178C for any DAL. 

Nicolas Ulysse, Chief Software Engineer, says : ‘‘M-RTOS was designed by aerospace engineers for aerospace application developers. MANNARINO Workbench, embedded with a M-RTOS, creates an innovative development environment which simplifies team working, collaboration and highest efficiency’’. John Mannarino, the president of the company, says: ‘‘The improvement in time and memory —more than 50%— related to market leaders allows the users to build bigger and more powerful applications. In addition, M-RTOS provides significant savings in cost of ownership’’. 


Cambridge Pixel, at the service of maritime safety

Coastal surveillance and maritime safety systems require the assimilation and presentation of information from many diverse sources, including primary radar, AIS and CCTV; in order to do it, Cambridge Pixel puts its expertise at the service of maritime safety with its SPx software. 

SPx software offers hight performance software components for system integrator in order to build integrated radar and display solutions. With this ‘module experience’ approach, SPx software simplify radar additions and display in the existing applications. 

Cambridge Pixel provides not only sensor processing products, but also experiencience regarding primary system integrators which work in the aerial surveillance and deffense area (including Cobham, Telumat and DSW). With the complete approval of the quality British Standars auditing ISO-9001, Cambridge Pixel is aware of the importance of ensuring support during the  full life circle from pre-sale engineering for systems design through obsolescence management. 

SPx software supports video radar caption from major radar manufacturers including Jelvin Hughes, Terma navico (Simrad), Raytheon, Sperry, JRC and  Furuno. An Hx input card can be used to interface similar video radar, activate and direct database, and can also be directly introduced in the SPx software working structure if the radar video net is available. 

SPx software capabilities are available for system developers in software library format and complete, prepared applications. In a regular system, SPx Server application tracks the video radar, and that tracking can be emitted in the costumer application and fused with AIS data through SPx Fusion Servser software. 

The customer application can be one of Cambridge Pixel’s ready-made display application, such as RadarWatch, or a custom-made application design using SPx library in order to provide capabilities to the radar monitor core. Cambridge Pixel software modules are today being used in many coastal surveillance and maritime safety projects around the world, from protection of maritime gas and oil facilities  to monitoring safety areas in firing range and helping to keep swimmers safe on the beaches. 

Where to use Cambridge Pixel products 

Cambridge Pixel products can be used: 

Cambridge Pixel junio20


DC / DC 3V series converter: what its features are?

DC/DC 3V series converter was developed to provide a wide range of power supply for those applications which operate in harsh environment with outputs for specified final user. 

3V series energy supplies are standard configurable products that include up to 4 isolated supply output (500VDC and 10Mohm) and 250 watts of maximum power. Inputs are design with a filter to reduce EMI and cancel or endure  transient inputs, able to handle ISO 7637-2, Def Stan 61-5 P part 6 subject 5 and 6, and MIL STD 1275D. 

Outputs 1 and 2 can be configured for costumers with requirements in the range of 3 to 5 DC watts, and they can also be specified to a maximum of 100 watts or 20 amperes each, whichever the lower one is. Outputs 3 and 4 can be configured for costumers with requirements in the range of 8 to 30 DC watts, and can be specified to a maximum of 84 watts or 10 amperes each, again, whichever the lower one is. Outputs are not isolated. 

The enclosure design is optimised for thermal conditions and its mounting is easy, via suitable wedgelocks. 3V power supplies series can also be packed in a machined aluminium box which is coated with chromed plating for cold wall applications. 

Learn more about this series  in the following link.  

Xcel junio 20


What new implications involves the OSA standard ?

Curtiss Wright has recently proven the feasibility of an open standard architecture (OSA) based on the intelligence, surveillance and recognition (ISR) as an Electronic War system solution in the three services open architecture interoperability demonstration (TSOA-ID). This demonstration standed out because of the OSA benefits when integrating products from four single companies, thereby showing Commercial off-the-shelf functions (COTS) based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for signal intelligence (SIGINT) and electronic war situational awareness applications (EW). 

This solution, suitable for the RF situational awareness understanding, automatically classifies signals using machine learning. This system also proved the NST Type 1 data encryption for the ISR data certification with a writing/reading  performance rate up to 10/17 Gbps for each data channel. 

Thanks to all of this, Curtiss Wright has achieved an innovative technology (three services open architecture (TSOA-ID)) which provides system designers with a never seen before combination of hight speed data recording and safe encryption. 

You can learn more about this technology in the following link.

CW abril 2020

Foremay technologies, how can they help you?

We continue to delve a little deeper into one of the latest companies to join our represented list, Foremay. Today we are going to review the main technologies that Foremay offers and how they can help you.

Foremay's advanced technology and manufacturing process controls result in highly reliable, ultra-fast and secure SSD modules and flash drives for customers with different needs, especially in industrial, business and specialty computing applications. Some of the main technologies implemented in these SSDs are:

In addition, other proprietary SSD technologies are also included and a highly reliable manufacturing system is ensured at all times.

You can see more information about Foremay's technology at the following link.

SSD Foremay marzo 20

Cambridge Pixel Applications

Cambridge Pixel designs flexible and modular products which enable system integrators to select those components they really need to make their solution operational. This flexibility means that Cambridge Pixel products can be used in a wide range of commercial and military projects, on land, at sea and in the air. In summary, these are some of the real applications of the entire product range of the company divided by sectors:

You can see more information about the Cambridge Pixel products applications in the following link.


CP marzo 20

Donalba incorporates Cambridge Pixel

Cambridge Pixel is one of the latest additions we have made in Donalba to our represented companies line card.

Located in the United Kingdom and founded in 2007, Cambridge Pixel is an engineering-oriented company which focuses on the acquisition, processing and visualization of primary radar video and related sensors and the acquisition of data through these radars. To achieve this, they combine knowledge in several areas such as radar, graphics and software.

In its product’s portfolio there are sensor signal  processing solutions and visualization solutions. All its products are applied in a large number of areas: security, naval, air traffic control… 

Cambridge Pixel affirm it is committed to open systems and open standards. Its mission is to offer very high quality standards and service to all the customers. 

You can learn more about them in their website.

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Foremay, new Donalba represented

We continue to expand our line of represented companies thanks to the arrival of Foremay.

Foremay is a company dedicated to the design and development of solid-state modules also known as SSD. Among its uses we can highlight mission-critical informatics, integrated informatics, industrial informatics and rugerized servers all applied to the military, defense and aerospace field.

All of these systems stand out for their high reliability centered on three important points: anti-vibration, anti-shock and anti-fall. In addition, they also provide high security, long-term storage, good read and write speed, and also help extending the rugerized systems and computing devices batteries life.

Its objective is to provide high reliability, rogerization, security and performance, as well as to seek low energy consumption, thus following its ecological initiatives. 

Find out more about this Californian company on its website.

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Reasons to trust rugerized solutions

There is increasingly more and more talk about rugerized solutions, but what reasons are there to trust them? It is very clear for Crystal Group: Rugerized chassis

The Crystal Group chassis are constructed from thick aluminum sections for 6000 series aircraft and hardened by deformation. The all-aluminum construction helps to limit weight, improves thermal conductivity and vibration performance. Enjoying and maintaining a roughened chassis is key to reduce weld joint failures and also extend the life of the system.

Thermal management

Crystal is specialized in optimizing the thermal performance of a system or device using materials with superior thermal conductivity optimized with SWaP performance. This reduces the risk.

Shock and vibration

These systems are designed to withstand extreme car and vibration levels by offering solutions that meet the most demanding military specifications.

In addition, rugged chassis allow acoustic noise to be reduced thanks to fan balancing.

If you want to discover more reasons to rely on the rugerized Crystal Group chassis, don't miss all of the listed by their experts.



WOLF Advanced Technology, new represented by DONALBA

In Donalba we continue to expand our line of represented companies, now including the WOLF Advanced Technology company.

WOLF is a company that has been active since the 90s under the name of Wolf Industrial Systems. From 2010, it began to operate under the name of WOLF Advanced Technology, at a time when the company's growth soared.

Regarding its activity area, WOLF Advanced Technology designs and manufactures 6U VPX, 3U VPX, XMC, MXM / MXC roughened plates, as well as other small form factor plates, all suitable for capturing, processing, coding and video viewing.

All the solutions worked by WOLF are designed to operate in hostile aerospace and defense environments without sacrificing the available NVIDIA, AMD and Xilinx high-speed GPU, APU and FPGA high-speed processing power. WOLF’s high performance modules are also ideal for implementations that require GPGPU parallel processing.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that WOLF products include COTS, MCOTS and custom designs.

You can discover more about our new represented company by accessing its website.

WOLF ingles


Crystal Group advances by leaps and bounds with its secure hardware

Crystal Group has introduced a military-grade network-connected storage (NAS) solution for hardware-level protection of classified data, as well as top-secret and some lower protection data.

It should be mentioned that the design has been created taking into account the dynamic and changing environments that occur on the battlefields, in such a way that all the developments in tactical cybersecurity that are generated will be used.

The multipurpose, scalable and turnkey storage solution can provide FIPS 140-2 certified data encryption with near-zero latency. In addition, as an extra security measure, instant data destruction and integrated key management are included.

The system complies with MIL-SPEC environmental performance and NIST compliance. It is necessary to add to this characteristics that it has low size, weight and power (SWaP) and serves for a variety of defense applications, thus demonstrating a very claimed versatility.

All these advances are more than demonstrated by Crystal Group's extensive experience in the field of rogerized servers. In fact, only in June 2019, Crystal Group managed to deliver 15,000 rogerized servers to the US Navy.

If you want to delve into the subject, do not miss its information on this Army Technology link.


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Meet our new represented company: Mannarino

We are very happy to announce that our list of represented companies is growing. The last company to join it has been Mannarino.

Mannarino is a Canadian company that provides security-critical systems engineering services, as well as programmable hardware and software engineering services for the aerospace, defense, space, simulation, rail and energy industries. 

They are specialized in the design, development, verification and validation of security critical systems. MANNARINO is also an accredited Transport Canada Approval Organization (DAO).

Its research and development efforts culminate in long-term business alliances that are based on some principles of expert and profitable engineering.

Mannarino is a company specialized in:

You can find out more about our new represented company on its website.

Mannarino new logo


COTS-D: the ready-to-use CoreAvi solution

CoreAVI understands the challenges integrators face when designing a new system application. The application needs hardware, graphics controllers, firmware and an operating system, all with DO-254 / DO-178C security certification. In addition to these needs, the integration must be perfect, which is complicated when each component comes from a different site.

To facilitate this integration, and for the customers to be able to securely obtain all the necessary components, CoreAvi has created a platform for security-critical applications. The basis of this platform is what they have called COTS-D.

COTS-D is a new and simple way for suppliers of critical security systems to purchase Commercial-Off-The-Shelf hardware solutions that are certifiable in accordance with the requirements of DO-254 along with associated software components that are DO-178C certifiable. With this, it is possible to buy what each supplier needs ad-hoc and make turnkey constructions, all this without neglecting the extra security contribution in which CoreAvi has been working for many years.

If you want to know more about COTS-D click on this link.


P18M, a pressure switch from Precision Sensors

Precision Sensors puts on the market the P18M, a polyamide pressure switch that offers greater sensitivity in areas of lower pressure, which is where the engine purge air and fuel pressure applications are usually located.

The switches designed with polyimide have a longer life cycle, exceptional temperature performance and also great media compatibility. In order to ensure stable benchmarks during the life of the unit, even during severe shocks and vibrations, a Belleville washer is used.

As for the housings, these are available in aluminum and stainless steel, two materials that are used depending on the weight and installation requirements. Finally, this switch works perfectly in a wide temperature range, this being from -18ºC to + 120ºC. You can see more information in the following link.

Precision mayo19


The importance of the use of custom power supplies

Having power supplies is essential to guarantee energy in the missions. But have you ever considered making a customized power supply?

It is clear that, nowadays, there is a great variety of power supplies in the market that can help you manage your needs, but it is possible that you find that, in a project you need something extra. In these cases you can resort to tailored power supplies.

From DDC, this power supplies services are offered to all their clients in the aerospace, defense and industrial fields. In the aerospace case, DDC offers reliable and customized solutions for communication and entertainment platforms on the flight. All of them meet Airbus and Boeing specifications, and power can be adjusted in any case. 

If we talk about the defense part, whether it is in land, air or sea, the custom-made DCD power supplies have a wide range, being designed for large companies in the industry and always responding to all customer needs and standards of security, which are imposed for their safe performance. 

Finally, custom-made power supplies can also be applied in the industrial field, with capabilities for the design and mechanical packaging, as well as possibilities to choose power use and several power outputs, just to name a few aspects.

If you want to deepen into any of the options offered by DDC in order to manufacture customized power supplies, do not miss the following information.

Xcel junio

Trusted Computing and COTS

Security in military systems helps combatants to carry out their missions reliably. That is why all the hardwares and softwares that are used must be designed to its safe use. 

Once they are started, special attention is required to ensure the operation goes as planned. This is usually complicated, since very few developers have access to the application code, not to mention that, as usual, these applications are custom designed to execute a specific mission, so the review which is usually done is always at a general level.

This lack of in-depth review of the particularities of each software can result in undiscovered vulnerability. In addition, it must be borne in mind that application codes of military systems are usually tested at the beginning and, once implemented, they are no longer subject to further tests. All this makes discovering security flaws over time very complicated.

If we continue with security problems, we must add that, normally, there are budget and time constraints, leaving the software updates aside, especially if it is already being used in missions. Moreover, even if security failures are discovered, the costs of correcting that failure are usually excessive, so they are not fixed.

To avoid all of this once the softwares are implemented, it is important to use all kinds of techniques to detect failures before the implementation is carried out. In addition to delivering safer products, you save time and money in the long run. For this reason, it is imperative that system developers make the right decisions about the application code from the beginning. 

If you want to see how Trusted Computing is used by Curtiss Wright, click here.

WP TCOTS 5 Application code


IS5915, the ISOCOM voltage regulator

The ISOCOM IS5911RH series is composed of voltage regulators.

As the main and most noteworthy characteristic of this ISOCOM series, we can highlight the excellent characteristics of load regulation, which helps to achieve a very precise performance.

In addition to its excellent performance, the IS5911RH series is equipped with overload protection, putting safety first. The way this devices are packaged, which is a 20 pins flat pack, makes it possible to achieve space savings. Finally, it has two lead shape options: straight and gull wing.

For more information you can consult the product file.

ISOCOM abril 19

What processing capacity do UAVs demand?

We are getting used  to see unmanned vehicles. More and more markets and areas are joining the the UAVS trend: aerospace, agriculture, cinematography, photography, construction ... are just some of the branches that have already echoed the benefits of this type of vehicle.

This, which entails many benefits for companies and individuals, also involves complex technological problems, as well as the need to apply safe and automated mobility policies. In addition, and related to this, UAVs are required to meet a series of key conditions:

You can learn more about UAVs and their needs in the following document

crystal febrero 2019 UAV

Integrated ESP solutions

Systems integrators and original equipment manufacturers need fast commercialization times, the possibility of personalization and, above all, profitability, whatever it is the environment in which they operate.

To meet these needs, Elesia designs integrated, customized ESP solutions for hostile environments. This type of solutions have a great number of advantages: they are rugged, ultra light, durable and, best of all, they do not require maintenance. 

Its use is especially designed for hostile environments, something very common in military or transport environments. You can apply a custom configuration to extract as many of them as possible. This is possible thanks to the wide range of standard and customized configurations it features. It has a high level of shielding thanks to a patented thermal spray process. It also has thermal management. 

If you want to know more about Elesia's ESP solutions, click on the following link.

Elesia febrero 2019

IS5972KRHL, the ISOCOM DC / DC converter that ensures precise performance

The ISOCOM company has put on the market the DC / DC IS5972KRHL converter. IS5972RHL is a positive regulator composed by three terminals tolerant to radiations and with an current output of 1.5 amperes. The output can be adjusted thanks to two external resistors. It is the possibility of regulating the line and the load that guarantees the precise performance this converter is characterized by.

Another IS5972RHL highlight is the protection against internal overload, which has a total protection due to the current and temperature limitation. It is packaged in two versions to save space. One of them is available in three form options: straight, up and down (TO257) while the other one is the SMD-1 ceramic mounting on 3-pin electrical surface. 

In the product data sheet you can find more interesting information.

ISOCOM diciembre 18


Teams for the mission: guaranteed success thanks to Curtiss Wright

Integration of systems and fulfillment of requirements for management programs are a headache for the aerospace sector companies. That is why Curtiss Wright has been working on these issues for decades.

Thanks to their work, it is possible to maximize the COTS content, as well as taking advantage of one of the existing customized solutions in order to take full advantage of the systems integration.
In order to guarantee success, you can create your own application using the Curtiss Wright generic systems or, alternatively, use your experience in the sector and design a specific systems solution with optimized functionality adapted to a specific program or platform.
These products include rugged systems for the mission, such as Parvus DuraCOR, which have modular and expandable designs with great data and graphics processing capabilities that, along with their mechanical robustness, make them highly reliable products.
Thanks to the use of pre-integrated subsystems and pre-qualified, customers greatly reduce the programming risk, as well as the general expenses of program management, also maximizing the use of COTS technology in open architecture.
If you want to know what else Curtiss Wright can do for the mission’s team, do not miss the information on this link.

Curtiss octubre 2018
ISOCOM joins the DONALBA family

Recently the ISOCOM Limited company (hereinafter ISOCOM) has joined the DONALBA’s family of represented.

This new collaboration will make it possible for Donalba to commercialize the solutions and products that ISOCOM puts on the market. ISOCOM is known for its electronic and optoelectronic components provided all around the world for high reliability applications. Within the market, ISCOM has a proven and successful experience of more than 35 years serving niche markets such as space, aerospace and defense. In addition, it is worth mentioning that all its products and solutions have electronic circuit isolation to avoid radiation problems. With that, satellites, launch vehicles, spacecraft or planetary rovers ensure a smooth operation without risks of suffering the consequences of high radiation.

Find out more about the new represented company we have in DONALBA by visiting their website.

Small Form Factor (SFF): what is it and what advantages does it bring?

SFF is one of the terms which is becoming increasingly important in the aeronautical market. 

SFF stands for Small Form Factor, an upward trend. As you know, technological advances allow us to improve the success of surveillance missions as new and better capabilities are added to carry out these missions. The problem with this is its new technology takes up space and adds weight, something that goes against the limited space inside vehicles and aircrafts. In addition, adding weight negatively affects fuel and power, so this is not a viable solution.

To deal with this problems, there is the Small Form Factor, an alternative capable of optimizing electronic systems. Leaving aside the equipment with cutting-edge technology, or reducing its scope, should not be an option if you want to achieve good results. Therefore, Curtiss Wright is committed to the distribution of flexible and interoperable video management in which size and weight reduction, without affecting power, is the key. 

Discover more about the SFF trend in the following video.

Curtiss septiembre 18 SFF

FLEX Charger ™, that's the new Bren-Tronics folding charger

Bren-Tronics, in its zeal to improve battery charging during missions, has designed the FLEX Charger ™ charger.

This charger is characterized by being foldable and by the possibility it offers in terms of its load: AC on wall and DC power socket solar or vehicular, in addition to having an extra solar panel that supports the possibility of choosing renewable energy for loading even during missions.
The FLEX Charger ™ can charge up to two batteries between 4 and 6 hours, depending on the input power and the type of battery being charged. This charger works perfectly with the batteries: BB-2590 / U and BB-2557 / U. One of the advanced features presented in the MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking), a function that allows the charging of batteries efficiently thanks to constantly adjusting the maximum power available from a solar panel. 

Find out more about the FLEX Charger ™ here.
bren tronics agosto 18
Intellipower control software, practical for defense and aviation applications

Defense and aviation applications increasingly precise control software to help them improve their capabilities. In this regard, IntelliPower has given the solution to the market’s needs.

To do this, they have designed very powerful insurance applications, as well as communications software for UPS and power conditioning systems.

You can learn more functions of the control software wich is used by IntelliPower in the following link.

IntelliPower junio

This is the new rendering software created by CoreAvi

CoreAvi, thanks to its partnership with ENESCO AVionics, has been able to create a  OPENGL SC 1.0 critical security software processor, certifiable for DO-178C. ENESCO’s IGL is ideal for critical security integrated applications such as avionics, industrial and defense, all thanks to a certain execution and a small library of space controllers.

This software has been designed for graphics rendering environment without GPU, to obtain a high-performance real-time graphic, thus achieving far superior graphics quality to other softwares in the market.

Find out more about it in this link.

CoreAvi junio 18

MIL-DTL-901E, the key to rugerization for the survival of the maritime system

Maritime system is in the spotlight. Growing tensions and global threats mean that the maritime zone is on everyone's lips. This makes it necessary to increase the preparation and capabilities of maritime services, an objective that can only be achieved through greater investment in advanced systems and platforms able to address a wide range of operations.

That makes the weapons and systems’ modernization an indispensable requirement in order to improve its reliability and survival capacity, as well as to obtain a competitive advantage over the rest. To achieve this, military standards are the key.

In this case, MIL-S-901D is the ideal standard. Its objective is measuring the crash test and the maritime systems’ certification, including computer systems and critical electronic equipment - something that it has been doing for more than 30 years. It describes the environment which must be operated and the minimum requirements and functionalities a system with these characteristics must have. All of that, which had been specified, used to have some flexibility, that gave rise to manufacturers experimenting, even questioning the standard’s objective, something that has helped it to be updated.

The new version, the MIL-DTL-901, is still not very well known, but there are already several manufacturers implementing it successfully, being Crystal Group a clear example. This standard’s version is invaluable to guarantee the systems’ survival  under normal conditions of operation, as well as in combat or in really adverse conditions. This is possible because the new standard goes much further and performs more rigorous tests, for example, the addition of detailed production and test procedures, extensive diagrams, tables of contents with links and provisions for ground tests.

If you want to know more about this new quality standard for the maritime sector click on this link.

crystal group mayo18

Why are ARM processors ideal for defense and aeronautics?

ARM stands for Advanced RISC Machine and refers to processors that are capable of providing the most advanced smartphones and mobile devices with great performance. 

The relentless advance of commercial mobile devices has driven the designers to create smaller, faster processors that consume less and less energy and offer, at the same time, safe and complete computing. This combination can also be featured in defense applications, as well as in aerospace applications with incredibly high demands. 

These applications’ processors must perform as expected from this type of item; in addition, they have to provide a fundamental factor based on the severe restrictions in size, weight and power (SWaP) and cost, given the budgetary pressure within the market. 

In conclusion, ARM technology makes it possible for chip suppliers to develop 32-bit and 64-bit processors that work well beyond the required level, providing good performance with low power, low space and low cost, without compromising the information’ security.

Discover more about ARM processors by Curtiss Wright in this link.

curtiss abril