Advanced Optimization of Rotary Gear Drives for Precise Movements

In the field of mechanical engineering and motion control, a modularly designed gearbox has been developed that offers a flexible range of gear ratios and maximizes both rigidity and efficiency by eliminating unnecessary friction and backlash. Accompanied by a powerful brushless AC servo motor, characterized by high resolution motor feedback, this innovation promises to revolutionize the way we conceive motion and stabilization systems. The system, backed by an electromagnetic spring brake with an integrated clutch function, excels in overload situations by providing a reliable and controlled response. A unique feature is its backlash-free element, which prevents unwanted rotation of the manual input shaft, providing additional safety in critical environments.

Critical Application: Turret Stabilization

The most important application of this equipment is in the stabilization of turrets. Known as turret stabilization, this technology offers exceptional precision when performing transverse and elevation movements in pointing systems. Whether aiming at constant low speeds or in a stabilized state, these rotary or linear gear drives play a critical role in realizing precise movements even under the most challenging conditions.

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Customized Configuration and Unmatched Adaptability

What really sets this series of gear drives apart is their total configurability. Engineers have the freedom to tailor system performance through a configurable gearbox, adjusting stiffness and minimizing friction and backlash according to the precise needs of the application. In addition, the combination of clutch, brake and backlash-free element offers highly adaptive torque control and additional safety features.


Meeting Military Standards and Beyond

This set of transmissions meets stringent MIL-STD standards (EQT and EMC). From turret stabilization systems that require precise aiming to high-precision drive systems used to position critical equipment, the ERG line of rotary gear drives provides the torque needed for smooth and precise movements, even in the most challenging conditions.


State-of-the-Art Technology and Robust Design

Each drive configuration includes the latest motion control technology and is designed to integrate with the most advanced inertial stabilization solutions. Brushless AC servomotors, equipped with high-resolution absolute feedback sensors, ensure exceptional performance in a compact form factor. And thanks to their field-proven design, these transmissions are destined to perform reliably in even the most extreme conditions, from continuous vibration to heavy impact.