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Monday, 14 November 2022 09:23

What Differentiates SOSA from VITA VPX

The Open Sensor Systems Architecture (SOSA) Consortium emerged as a set of standards that served to define open standard electronic architectures that ensured component interoperability, reduced costs, encouraged innovation, and helped ensure product supply. necessary. But what hardware requirements distinguish SOSA from VITA VPX? Power supply: SOSA limits the power…
Wednesday, 05 October 2022 07:14

Cambridge Pixel Launches Unique Software to Visualise Radar Data from 3D Sensors

Cambridge Pixel, which is represented in Spain and Portugal by Donalba,  has launched a new software application to enable the visualisation of radar tracks in 3D format obtained from 3D sensors.  Who do the Cambridge Pixel sensors work?  These types of sensors are used in tasks such as near-field object…
Friday, 09 September 2022 06:37

Radio Beacon Battery by BrenTronics

The Radio Beacon Battery by BrenTronics is a non-rechargeable, zinc-manganese dioxide battery, in other words, alkaline. It is 1’3 inch wide, 4’1 inches long and 1’3 inches tall.  This device is typically used in AN/URT-33A Rescue Radio Beacon. Its most remarkable features are:  Nominal voltage of 9.0V Storage temperature of…
Friday, 12 August 2022 18:28

A40 Accelerometer by Gladiator Technologies

The A40 Accelerometer is a small, ultra-low noise, single-axis MEMS accel. This robust accel is designed to handle 500g shock and 5.74g RMS vibration in an EMI resistant housing. Its price and performance are ideal for low frequency motion and tilt measurement.   Its main features are the following:  Low Noise,…


¿Sabías que la #batería recargable de iones de litio BT-70838-1/3CV es la batería con mayor capacidad y tamaño 1/3S… https://t.co/116AEFVeOh Donalba

Así el servidor GPU FG2 2U de @CrystalGroup: inferencia de #IA en tiempo real en el perímetro… https://t.co/3abSdfJY9X Donalba


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