The main features of the Isocom CS5200 optocoupler are:

  • Total ionising dose tested to 1 Mrad(si)
  • Displacement damage tested up to 1 MEV x 10¹³
  • Wide VDC range (4.5 to 20 V)
  • Three-state output (no pull-up resistor required)
  • 300ns propagation delay and guaranteed performance over an ambient temperature range of -55°C to +125°C
  • Supported test voltage up to 1,500 VDC
  • Hermetically sealed
  • 8-pin DIP package

This device is a single-channel hermetically sealed optical coupling isolator.  It consists of a gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode coupled to an integrated high-speed photon detector. The detector has a three-state output stage and has a detection threshold with hysteresis. The three-state output eliminates the need for a pull-up resistor and allows direct control of the data buses.  The device is guaranteed to operate over a wide VDC range from 4.5V to 20V.

Isocom’s CS5200 is used in space application environments. Package types for this device include an 8-pin DIP package, with surface mount and solder options.