Over the past two years, Commtact, an Israeli company specialising in advanced wireless communication solutions for defence, homeland security and industry, has shifted its focus from a project-oriented to a product-oriented approach. «We realised that our customers were looking for solutions capable of solving critical communication problems at various levels,» explains Ariel Kandel, Commtact’s CEO. Operational requirements demanded zero latency communication systems capable of operating with all types of payloads, ensuring a constant and fully reliable flow of voice, data and video communications at all times. Based on these considerations, the company has developed a data link family available in three different versions, depending on the scope, which guarantees multi-domain operational capabilities and is designed to meet the needs of the coming years.

Commtact’s new Phoenix family of data links comes in three versions, Phoenix SR, Phoenix MR and Phoenix LR, whose two-letter acronyms obviously stand for short, medium and long range, which in terms of distances means up to 40 km, up to 100 km and up to 250 km respectively. Normally, data links are conceived with ground-to-air communications in mind, but with its Phoenix Commtact it also considers terrestrial and maritime requirements. All three versions exploit 90% of the common building blocks and are interoperable in the field.