Coastal surveillance and maritime safety systems require the assimilation and presentation of information from many diverse sources, including primary radar, AIS and CCTV; in order to do it, Cambridge Pixel puts its expertise at the service of maritime safety with its SPx software. 

SPx software offers hight performance software components for system integrator in order to build integrated radar and display solutions. With this ‘module experience’ approach, SPx software simplify radar additions and display in the existing applications. 

Cambridge Pixel provides not only sensor processing products, but also experiencience regarding primary system integrators which work in the aerial surveillance and deffense area (including Cobham, Telumat and DSW). With the complete approval of the quality British Standars auditing ISO-9001, Cambridge Pixel is aware of the importance of ensuring support during the  full life circle from pre-sale engineering for systems design through obsolescence management. 

SPx software supports video radar caption from major radar manufacturers including Jelvin Hughes, Terma navico (Simrad), Raytheon, Sperry, JRC and  Furuno. An Hx input card can be used to interface similar video radar, activate and direct database, and can also be directly introduced in the SPx software working structure if the radar video net is available. 

SPx software capabilities are available for system developers in software library format and complete, prepared applications. In a regular system, SPx Server application tracks the video radar, and that tracking can be emitted in the costumer application and fused with AIS data through SPx Fusion Servser software. 

The customer application can be one of Cambridge Pixel’s ready-made display application, such as RadarWatch, or a custom-made application design using SPx library in order to provide capabilities to the radar monitor core. Cambridge Pixel software modules are today being used in many coastal surveillance and maritime safety projects around the world, from protection of maritime gas and oil facilities  to monitoring safety areas in firing range and helping to keep swimmers safe on the beaches. 

Where to use Cambridge Pixel products 

Cambridge Pixel products can be used: 

  • In asset protection: maritime and shore assets, such as oil rings, nuclear power stations or industrial facilities. 
  • In critical infrastructure monitoring : bridges, wind farms, dams. 
  • As critical solutions to be used with the system to avoid maritime collisions, and with the safety systems design around endangered maritime areas or militar danger. 
  • In border protection, search and rescue of small objects, 
  • In maritime traffic monitoring (boats in rivers, docks, harbours, estuaries…).  

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