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DecodeCore is a real time, safety critical H.264/H.265/MPEG2/VC-1 video decode driver that enables the hardware video decoder built-in modern graphics and SoC processors. This CoreAVI video decode driver is now deployed in airborne and ground control display systems all over the world, including UAV command and control, 360 degree situational awareness, Diminished Vision Enhancement (DVE), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) moving maps and diverse sensor warming systems.

DecodeCore enables applications to decode and display compressed videos with lower CPU usage than with a software-only decoder.

The driver architecture and API ensures high efficiency and low latency between the video decode hardware and the graphics hardware. The decompressed videos are also available as a texture, wich allows complex hardware accelerated image manipulationd and integration with both graphics 2D and 3D.

Features  & Benefits

  • Thread safe implementation

  • Low power and high performance hardware-accelerated video decode of H.264/H.265/MPEG2/VC-1 video streams. Temperature Screened AMD Embedded RadeonTM E4690, E8860, and E9171 GPUs.

  • Integrated with CoreAVI’s ArgusCore (OpenGL) graphics drivers as well as with Vulkan-based VkCore SC graphics and compute drivers.

  • Scalable architecture that supports processing and displaying of more than 10 independent and simultaneous video decode streams.

  • GPU engine can automatically use the most recently decoded video frame withou using CPU.

  • Enables complex shader-based manipulation of the decoded video

  • Supports multicore virtualized system configurations

  • Supports RTOS, including Wind River® VxWorks®, SYSGO® PikeOSTM, QNX® OS, Green Hills® INTEGRI- TY®, DDC-I DeosTM, Lynx Software Technologies LynxOS®, Linux and configurable for proprietary RTOS

  • Operates in conjuction with EncodeCore®, CoreAVI’s Video Encode driver suite

  • Available with CertCoreTM 178 (DO-178C / ED12-C Avionics) Level A safety certification packages

This suite of products has been developed to offer real time and safety critual capabilities. It offers maximum performance to take the most advantage of the most advanced funcionalities of integrated video decore accelerators on well-known GPUs and SoCS, including AMD’s Unified Video Decoder (UVD).

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