CGC is a company whose core business is in the tracking antennas.After research and testing time came up with the XY technology, a technology particularly suitable to improve the capacity and performance of the tracking antennas.

This high precision technology is linked to ground station systems that have a wide range of radio frequency optics including both main approaches as a frequency selective. All this is integrated by COTS to the equipment and can be fully customized to adapt to the needs of each base.

There are many and varied benefits and applications of this technology: monitoring and control software with a wide variety of interfaces to use, image processing, network and data storage systems, product dissemination software … all in order to give support to all kinds of missions and, the best thing, being these very simple to apply and to use.

Within the X/Y technologies for tracking antennas that CGC has created, there are several varieties that are more adapted to the needs of users in each situation, one of them being the antennas for full monitoring of the hemisphere, with openings up to 7.6 meters.

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CGC enero 2017