The flash hard drives and SSDs in Foremay’s TC166™ product range are high-speed solid state drives with a high level of performance and high reliability. These are designed for terminal computing equipment with applications such as oil industry, mining, industrial robots and HPC, among others. The TC166 family is aimed at applications that require low power consumption; long battery life; shock, vibration or drop-proof ruggedness; long life; data protection and security; silent operation; low heat generation; and improved system performance, in addition to being light, thin and instant-on.

This TC166 range is manufactured with premium NAND flash memory. By leveraging already patented flash management technologies, Foremay’s TC166 SSDs significantly increase reliability and lifespan, and offer unprecedented resistance to vibration, shock and drops.

SSDs in this family are rigorously qualified in Foremay’s compatibility labs with stringent hardware and software testing to ensure consistency and functionality. The use of TC166 SSDs also reduces the cost of maintenance, which is essential for rugged markets to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

The TC166 product family is available in a wide variety of form factors and capacities to suit any application. Some of its models are hardware encrypted and have key security features to enhance data protection.