We continue to delve a little deeper into one of the latest companies to join our represented list, Foremay. Today we are going to review the main technologies that Foremay offers and how they can help you.

Foremay’s advanced technology and manufacturing process controls result in highly reliable, ultra-fast and secure SSD modules and flash drives for customers with different needs, especially in industrial, business and specialty computing applications. Some of the main technologies implemented in these SSDs are:

  • The use of leveling technology. This means data deletions and restructurings are spread evenly in order to minimize reliability problems.
  • Detection and correction of errors. Foremay’s solid state drives implement the ECC BCH algorithm, which is one of the most powerful ECC algorithms in the industry. This algorithm can correct up to 12 random bit errors in each 512-byte area.
  • Bad block management. Foremay implements an efficient bad block management algorithm on the solid state hard drive to detect factory produced bad blocks.
  • Implementation of SMART technology. SMART has become an industry standard for hard drive manufacturers, and now SMART has also been incorporated into Foremay’s SSDs.
  • NCQ technology. This technology allows the unit to manage multiple pending commands more efficiently.

In addition, other proprietary SSD technologies are also included and a highly reliable manufacturing system is ensured at all times.

You can see more information about Foremay’s technology at the following link.

SSD Foremay marzo 20