Gladiator abril

IMU are the initials for the Inertial Measurement Units by Gladiator Technologies, but do you know what they are and what they are used for? 

These units are designed for precision motion measurement in  SWaP constrained applications. To do it, they feature low noise MEMS sensors and VELOX™ high speed processing 

Every IMUs by Gladiator Technologies pass extensive factory testing and calibration over environmental conditions. These tests are designed to check how the IMUS react to different environmental conditions, so they include temperature, shock and vibration tests. The final results are possitive, that is why IMUs by Gladiator Technologies are a preferred solution by engineers for applications all over the world.

There is a extense variety of IMU products that fit every customer need: 

  • LandMark™ 005 IMU

  • LandMark™ 007 IMU

  • IMU LandMark™ 007X

  • LandMark ™ 60LX IMU. Ultra Low VRW

  • LandMark™65 IMU. High Dynamic

  • MRM60 IMU. Analog Output

  • LandMark ™ 60 IMU IMU. Standard 6-Axis IMU 

  • LandMark™ 60VG. Vertical Gyro

  • LandMark ™ 01 IMU. Low Cost IMU

You can learm more about IMU and about the especifications of each one of them in the following link