isocom diciembre 2020


The ISD10A by ISOCOM is composed of a silicon photodetector in a hermetically sealed small outline surface mount package, able to operate in temperatures between -55 to 125°C.

The ISD10A detector is now being used in environments encountered by space and high reliability applications. Its package styles include a small outline surface mount package; solder dip option are available.

ISD10A Features

What are the differences between SD10A and other space detectors? 

  • Total Ionizing dose tested to 150 Krad(si)

  • Displacement damage tested to 1 MeV x10¹³

  • High DC current/amplification factor

  • Low dark current

  • High radiation immunity

  • Small Outline Surface Mount Package

In the technical sheet of the product you can find more information of interest.