We are very happy to announce that our list of represented companies is growing. The last company to join it has been Mannarino.

Mannarino is a Canadian company that provides security-critical systems engineering services, as well as programmable hardware and software engineering services for the aerospace, defense, space, simulation, rail and energy industries. 

They are specialized in the design, development, verification and validation of security critical systems. MANNARINO is also an accredited Transport Canada Approval Organization (DAO).

Its research and development efforts culminate in long-term business alliances that are based on some principles of expert and profitable engineering.

Mannarino is a company specialized in:

  • Software integrated in the air (RTCA / DO-178B / C).
  • Real-Time Software
  • Systems engineer.
  • Airborne electronic hardware (AEH) (RTCA / DO-254).
  • Software and simulation of industrial gas turbine controls.
  • Simulation of aircraft systems.

You can find out more about our new represented company on its website.

Mannarino new logo