Isocom septiembre

Do you know about the CSM165 and CSM166 optocouplers/optoisolators by ISOCOM? Both of these devices are hermetically sealed, radiation hard optically coupled isolators. They are composed of a Gallium Arsenide infrared emitting diode plus a silicon phototransistor.

These electronic components are available in both Dual Channel (CSM165-2 and CSM166-2) and Quad Channel (CSM165-4 and CSM166-4). The CSM165-4 radiation tolerant

optocoupler is the Quad Channel version of the IS49.

These devices are radiation tolerant tested to 150Krad(Si) and displacement damage tested to MeV x 1012. The CSM165 and CSM166 are able to work between -55ºC and 125ºC, which makes them suitable for the harsh environments that space applications face, as well as for military and high reliability applications.

These components have been manufactured following the European standard and adjust to MIL-STD. Thet are also manufactured to JANS togheter with MIL-PRF-19500 procedures. They have a high Isolation Voltage of 1,500VDC and low input requirements as well as a high current transfer ratio.

The CSM165 and CSM166 optoisolators are also suitable for many other applications, for exemple medical instruments, MOS/CMOS, logic interfacing, data transmission, power supplies and modems. On the other hand, package styles include a 16-Pin Flatpack package  (solder dip options available).