DDC julio 21

Beta Transformer, a subsidiary of DDC, offers field proven data bus couplers for the most demanding environments,  extreme temperature, shock, vibration, dust, fluid and radiation:

  • Box Couplers: this couplers are Flight Qualified and are available in Single & Multi-Stub. They also offer High EMI Resistance | Mil-Temp |

  • In-Line Couplers: we are talking about Flight Qualified couplers, and it comes in Small and Lightweight | Mil-Temp | 

  • Interface Cables: this coupler in perfect for Flight & Bench Applications | Cables Hi-Temp |

In addition, DDC offers a full inventory of all the necessary hardware to implement your 1553 data bus system.

For more information and also to see the full list of couplers for each model, please visit DDC web page.