Mannarino mayo 2021

Use Case for Cessna CJI/2/3 — The Cessna Citation CJ3 is a proven business jet with a remarkable combination of power, speed and flexibility, and it is considered the CJ family flagship aircraft. The CJ3 aircraft is powered by fuel-efficient Williams FJ44-3A turbofan engines, and controlled by a Goodrich dual-channel FADEC.

The responsibilities of MANNARINO in the Development program include: 

  • Conducting system safety analysis (FHA & PSSA)

  • Developing, verifying and qualifying the FADEC operating system software to RTCA/DO-178B guidelines for Level A

  • Configuration design of engine overspeed protection system

  • Designing the FADEC channel switchover logic

  • Developing PLD hardware requirements specifications to RTCA/DO-254 Level A guidelines

  • Supporting engine and aircraft certification efforts with the FAA

The success of MANNARINO in this program is the fact that this generic operating system software has also installed on over 20 other airframe applications too without modification.