cambridge pixel radarview

RadarView is Cambridge Pixel’s PC-based radar visualisation software. It is a ready-to-run Windows application that receives, processes and scan converts multiple channels of radar video into PPI, A-Scan and B-Scan formats. It is designed for applications that require a cost-effective and easy-to-use display capability for primary and secondary radars; RadarView runs on any standard Windows PC.

RadarView can interface to network video formats or, when used with the HPx family of radar input cards, it can interface to radar video from a wide range of radar types. Presenting a familiar Windows graphical user interface, the software supports the display of map data, overlay symbology and multiple windows of scan-converted video. Up to four PPI windows are available, in addition to the main application PPI window.  Each PPI window provides an independent view of the radar video(s), offering massive flexibility in the presentation of the data and allowing the display to be spread over multiple screens.

RadarView also provides a built-in radar record and replay capability. Connect to the radar source and simultaneously visualise and record the radar video. This capability is invaluable when configuring a new installation or testing a radar. Capture video onto the local hard disk of the computer and analyse the data off-line is also possible using the RadarView display capabilities. Recorded video may be moved between computers using any convenient media.  

RadarView also accepts up to two camera video inputs, via DirectShow device or network RTSP source. Additionally, if the camera uses Pelco-D pan-tilt-zoom commands, RadarView can be used to steer the camera. 

For more information about RadarView and its functionalities, visit Cambridge Pixel’s web page.