SFF is one of the terms which is becoming increasingly important in the aeronautical market. 

SFF stands for Small Form Factor, an upward trend. As you know, technological advances allow us to improve the success of surveillance missions as new and better capabilities are added to carry out these missions. The problem with this is its new technology takes up space and adds weight, something that goes against the limited space inside vehicles and aircrafts. In addition, adding weight negatively affects fuel and power, so this is not a viable solution.

To deal with this problems, there is the Small Form Factor, an alternative capable of optimizing electronic systems. Leaving aside the equipment with cutting-edge technology, or reducing its scope, should not be an option if you want to achieve good results. Therefore, Curtiss Wright is committed to the distribution of flexible and interoperable video management in which size and weight reduction, without affecting power, is the key. 

Discover more about the SFF trend in the following video.

Curtiss septiembre 18 SFF