Cambridge Pixel radar

Cambridge Pixel, which is represented in Spain and Portugal by Donalba,  has launched a new software application to enable the visualisation of radar tracks in 3D format obtained from 3D sensors. 

Who do the Cambridge Pixel sensors work? 

These types of sensors are used in tasks such as near-field object detection and collision avoidance, surface or object inspection, and drone detection with widespread applications in modern air defence systems, as well as a range of naval, military and security projects.

The ability to visualise data from 3D sensors helps operators determine a greater granularity of information about a target, with range, direction and elevation parameters to assist with accurate decision-making and situation evaluation.

SPx Viewer-3D receives ASTERIX or SPx track reports as input and displays them in a multi-window format with customisable plan view, range-height view and 3D view with operator-controllable viewport and zoom. To assist in the interpretation of the track picture, the software also receives and displays AIS and ADS-B tracks. 

In adition, the SPx Viewer-3D has an intuitive web-based user-interface and works with a wide range of radar sensors.