Integration of systems and fulfillment of requirements for management programs are a headache for the aerospace sector companies. That is why Curtiss Wright has been working on these issues for decades.

Thanks to their work, it is possible to maximize the COTS content, as well as taking advantage of one of the existing customized solutions in order to take full advantage of the systems integration.
In order to guarantee success, you can create your own application using the Curtiss Wright generic systems or, alternatively, use your experience in the sector and design a specific systems solution with optimized functionality adapted to a specific program or platform.
These products include rugged systems for the mission, such as Parvus DuraCOR, which have modular and expandable designs with great data and graphics processing capabilities that, along with their mechanical robustness, make them highly reliable products.
Thanks to the use of pre-integrated subsystems and pre-qualified, customers greatly reduce the programming risk, as well as the general expenses of program management, also maximizing the use of COTS technology in open architecture.
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Curtiss octubre 2018