United States Navy, in order to strengthen itself, has acquired a new battery charger especially suitable for the military sector.

This investment is part of the Marine Corps Systems Command (MARCORSYSCOM) 2016, a strategy with which the Navy wants to be acquiring new material to enhance their skills.

In this case, the acquisition of this advanced battery for the military environment promises to transform the operative capacities of the energy that users use in the field. To achieve this battery, the Navy has relied on Bren-Tronics, a company with which it has signed a four-year contract for a total value of up to 38 million euros.

There are several reasons why Bren-Tronics has become part of the US Navy providers:

  • Improvements in size, weight and efficiency. The Bren-Tronics charger is smaller, manageable and easy to transport, all providing excellent power, faster charging and greater environmental survival.
  • Designed to charge present and future batteries, from tactical platforms such as robots.
  • Battery charging capabilities are not limited to BB-2590 / T, BB-390B / T, BB-2557 / T,
  • Finally, it accepts multiple universal AC power inputs.

To find out more about this charger, take a look at this news.

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