U.S. combat aircrafts have some needs and requirements that are well known by IntelliPower, so the company has developed three totally different versions of its UPS power conditioning briefcase.

These new versions are based on the most traditional design of the briefcase, but providing different nuances, in such a way that it can be adapted to the needs demanded by the market, all without losing the reliability that characterized the initial unit of the briefcase.

This briefcase has a light weight that makes it easily transportable, specifically weighing less than 23 kg. This robust and rugged system consists of a hard casing with wheels and handle, the UPS and the necessary accessories. One of its strengths is the possibility that users have to use the power system directly or, if they prefer, remove it from the case and install it where they need it.

Designed with display module, they have front and rear connection port, which makes it really easy to use.

If you want to know more technical specifications of the cases that Intellipower has created click on this link

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