The Open Sensor Systems Architecture (SOSA) Consortium emerged as a set of standards that served to define open standard electronic architectures that ensured component interoperability, reduced costs, encouraged innovation, and helped ensure product supply. necessary.

But what hardware requirements distinguish SOSA from VITA VPX?

  • Power supply: SOSA limits the power used by the cards to VS1 (12V), 3.3V AUX and VBAT for primary power. The VS2 (3.3V) and VS3 (5V) options supported by the VITA standard are not used for SOSA modules.

  • Hardware Management – ​​The SOSA architecture includes system management requirements that enable you to identify a module, monitor its status, run integrated tests, and perform other related management tasks. To meet these requirements, the modules must include an intelligent platform management interface.

  • Maintenance Ports – The maintenance ports on the SOSA modules are intended strictly for system maintenance use.

  • Slot Profiles: VITA 65 OpenVPX provides dozens of VPX 6U and 3U VPX slot profiles. The SOSA reference architecture restricts valid VPX primary slot profiles to a small set of three 6U and six 3U profiles. There are also a number of secondary profiles that are variants of the primary profiles. Furthermore, all SOSA profiles have compatible requirements for power plane utilization, data plane protocols, GPIO implementation, maintenance port implementation, and system management.

  • Cooling and Slot Pitch: SOSA has defined slot pitch requirements as 1.00″ for conduction and liquid cooling modules, and 1.5″ for airflow modules.

  • Bandwidth and Connections: SOSA does not fully define bandwidth requirements, but acknowledges that bandwidth requirements are increasing. However, SOSA’s base plate connectors also include those defined in the VITA 66 standard.

  • SOSA Software Requirements: The SOSA requirements for the software operating environment include recommendations for a runtime environment (RTE) that references the FACE technical standard, among others (the VITA VPX standards do not define the software environment, therefore, the recommendations of SOSA RTE are outside the scope of this article)

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