Curtiss Wright has recently proven the feasibility of an open standard architecture (OSA) based on the intelligence, surveillance and recognition (ISR) as an Electronic War system solution in the three services open architecture interoperability demonstration (TSOA-ID). This demonstration standed out because of the OSA benefits when integrating products from four single companies, thereby showing Commercial off-the-shelf functions (COTS) based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for signal intelligence (SIGINT) and electronic war situational awareness applications (EW). 

This solution, suitable for the RF situational awareness understanding, automatically classifies signals using machine learning. This system also proved the NST Type 1 data encryption for the ISR data certification with a writing/reading  performance rate up to 10/17 Gbps for each data channel. 

Thanks to all of this, Curtiss Wright has achieved an innovative technology (three services open architecture (TSOA-ID)) which provides system designers with a never seen before combination of hight speed data recording and safe encryption. 

You can learn more about this technology in the following link.

CW abril 2020