We are getting used  to see unmanned vehicles. More and more markets and areas are joining the the UAVS trend: aerospace, agriculture, cinematography, photography, construction … are just some of the branches that have already echoed the benefits of this type of vehicle.

This, which entails many benefits for companies and individuals, also involves complex technological problems, as well as the need to apply safe and automated mobility policies. In addition, and related to this, UAVs are required to meet a series of key conditions:

  • Size: compact UAVs are searched, but no one wants to compromise functionality. This is in line with the platforms, since they grow in functionality but their size is reduced.
  • Weight. The importance of building something light and strong is very obvious in this type of vehicle. Within this trend, materials such as carbon fiber are gaining ground due to their characteristics.
  • Power. The use of demanding processors in computer systems requires good thermal and energy management. Within this, a selection of components that do not consume a lot of energy and do not produce a lot of residual heat is required.
  • Cost. The latest technological advances used by UAVs help to reduce costs and avoid obsolescence problems.
  • Resistant. The reliability of their work in any environment is key to UAVS. They must be designed to withstand extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, dust and even inclement weather.

You can learn more about UAVs and their needs in the following document

crystal febrero 2019 UAV