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The Cambridge Pixel single or dual stream radar acquisition XMC card is ideal for ruggedized use. This is a performance enhanced XMC radar input card for use with Compact PCI, VME and VPX processor cards for a ruggedized integrated solution.

It features a dual-stream option that connects up to 2 independent radars. In other words, it has very flexible input options to support most digital and analog radars. 

Some of the main features of this XMC acquisition card from Cambridge Pixel are:

  • High performance primary radar acquisition card
  • XMC form factor for SBC housing
  • Independent sampling on each channel
  • Dual independent sampling on the same channel
  • Dual redundancy (automatic switching between channels)
  • 125 MHz sampling rate
  • Programmable pre-trigger compensation
  • Signal loss detection
  • High-speed DMA transfers
  • Windows and Linux compatible